Phillips Smith Conwell

Stitch-Sister House


EJ Hall Constructions




Nundah, QLD


Christopher Frederick Jones

The owner prides herself in her careful combination of apparently disparate colours and patterning of fabrics, both quintessential to her craft in quilting.  The results almost always a beautifully dramatic and pliable graphic as a reminder and marker for her as a place in time and a commitment to a life-memory. It is this concern with the ‘stitching together’ of unrelated elements that informed the design brief’s genesis: a specific requirement of the built solution by the owner and an opportunity to reflect her hobby interest.

In addition to the ideas behind the fabric stitching, the owner required that her bedroom be a dark as possible, contain no fabric window linings and most importantly that it only contain a bed (and a convenient opportunity to showcase a favourite quilt). The purity in this function of the bedroom gave rise to the opportunity in the building’s expression.  The black cube as her bedroom enclosure, is colour-paint finished both externally and to internal bounding walls as a clue to the owner’s idiosyncrasy