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Vale: Cathy Draeger

Phillips Smith Conwell is incredibly saddened by the news that one of our long standing and highly esteemed colleagues has passed away.

Cathy Draeger was not just a talented and resilient architect, but a friend to those around her. Her positive influence extended to all, from new graduates to directors, without distinction and she will long be remembered. When Cathy left to deal with her illness, such was her conviction, we looked forward to her recovery. Sadly, it was not to be, so we must say farewell.

In her 30+ years with PSC, her contribution to our studio was profound, in both professional and personal ways. Cathy was a patient mentor and valued friend of her peers. As an architect, she was skilled in the design and delivery of good public buildings for the communities they served. No specification was too complex, no project too hard, no colour scheme too bright. The list of her projects is long and varied, crossing the full spectrum of our portfolio. In later years, she played a leading role on significant correctional, church and hospital projects.

We recall Cathy’s will to make peoples lives better through whatever means she could. A few years ago, at a production meeting with the studio leaders, Cathy questioned the best use of the budget allocated to corporate Christmas gifts. Should PSC buy more branded polo shirts for our corporate clients? Cathy said “NO”: she argued passionately that we could better use the funds to purchase goats through charitable organisations to provide tangible help to disadvantaged third world families and communities.

In honor of Cathy, PSC are going to fulfil her request and gift some goats through World Vision. We hope you might consider gifting a goat in Cathy’s memory, too. (Link below)

Our thoughts are with Cathy’s family: Glen, Grady and Stella, as well as her parents and friends.