Phillips Smith Conwell

Southern Queensland Correctional Centre – Gatton






Gatton, Queensland


Phillips Smith Conwell

Phillips Smith Conwell was engaged as Architect and lead consultants for the initial 300 bed Women’s and 1000 bed Male Correctional Centres. The consultant team was novated to Baulderstone as managing contractors at the completion of the Design Development Phase.

The initial scope was to undertake a Master Planning study to create a Correctional Centre precinct with a number of centres, co-located with shared central plant, training and dog squad facilities.  The project progressed to Design Development phase for a 300 bed female centre and a 1000 male facility.  Due to funding constraints, the project was reduced to the completion of the 300 bed women’s facility and the site platform and infrastructure for a future 1000 bed facility.  The final project was completed with 100 beds secure and 200 bed residential Correctional Centre with a full range of facilities for a self-contained centre.  The centre was changed from a female centre to a male centre after completion.


The inception of this project was during the height of drought within the SE Queensland.  Every home was restricted to a total water consumption of 140 litres/person/day.  The innovations in the project were implemented to reduce the typical Correctional Centre use of approximately 600 litres / person/ day to the reduced water consumption levels.  Innovations included:

  • The use of vacuum drainage
  • Water controls on every prisoner fixture (including timed showers)
  • The waste water treatment plant was designed for A+ processing

Reticulation of grey water for toilet flushing and use in the water cooled mechanical chiller plant.