Phillips Smith Conwell

Griffith Insitute for Drug Discovery (GRIDD) – Griffith University


Paynter Dixon




Nathan, Queensland



This project accommodates Chemistry and Molecular Biology labs, Animal House and the Australian Natural Compounds Library creating an integrated research facility where different streams of research are encouraged to work together. A central courtyard is the focus of work, lounge and reception spaces, symbolizing the integration of the facility. This highly serviced building is very efficient in both planning and vertical integration of services. The building has a wide range of highly specialized equipment that required a high degree of services coordination and regulatory knowledge.

“The New Building of the Institute: ‘Eskitis 2’

The overall facility, and in particular, the design and layout of laboratories and services, are impressive. The planning of the medicinal chemistry laboratory area on level 2 has allowed for adequate work-rest areas to be located adjacent to the laboratories, in accord with practice of defining, and separating, such areas from laboratory work areas. Within the laboratories, there is a feeling of well-being, and the layout allows for clear lines of view to external aspects. The instrument rooms are located immediately behind the laboratories, yet are spaced such that service corridors to the laboratories are appropriately located. The laboratory and workspace areas are designed according to the ‘open laboratory’ concept. In the chemistry laboratories, each laboratory worker has an individual fumehood. The facility is world class.”

Extract from the annual report of the external Scientific Advisory Board for the Eskitis Institute