Phillips Smith Conwell

Philllips Smith Conwell Office


RN Bailey and Sons




Bowen Hills, Queensland



An existing headquarters for a professional association has been refurbished and expanded to create a design studio and support facilities. This project set out to provide a welcoming calm workplace for staff and clients with an equal level of amenity for all.

The space is divided into reception, meeting, administration, technical, lunch room and studio functions. These are linked via a circulation loop around the central courtyard providing back of house and front of house routes. In addition to being a simple and pleasant circulation path it provides good visual contact between staff and allows casual contact between teams during the day.


The interior fitout used purpose designed lighting and cost effective joinery. Lighting is task based with purpose designed low glare T5 florescent fittings.

Air conditioning for the design studio is based on a heat stratification system that delivers cool air to each desk space via an underfloor and joinery plenum ducted system. The input is controlled by each individual via jet nozzles to suit their own comfort.