Phillips Smith Conwell

SAE Creative Media Institute – Chippendale


Farindon Constructions




Chippendale, Sydney


Luc Rémond

The SAE Creative Media Chippendale campus provided the opportunity to transform the Berlei Building – constructed in the 1920’s and significantly modified in the 1980’s – into a modern, creative and technically advanced learning environment.

The historical building was refurbished to expose its original character and history whilst supporting the technical and functional needs required of a creative campus at the forefront of the industry.

Acknowledging the dynamic and evolving nature of the creative industries, the constraints of the building and the highly technical functions required, we developed a design that responded directly to the needs of the administrators, educators and students alike.

It was important that the facilities provided the best in creative education, meeting the highly technical skills associated with recording, sound engineering, audio visual production, post production, mastering, broadcasting, gaming, animation, graphic design and interactive digital media education delivery.

Mobile acoustic elements – with both diffusion and absorption capabilities – were integrated into the rooms to provide further acoustic flexibility. This increased separation between sound sources and the option for modified acoustics when required.