Phillips Smith Conwell

UQ E.S. Meyers Lecture Theatre – RBWH


Schaivello Interiors




Herston, Queensland



The historical E.S. Meyers Lecture Theatre is the University of Queensland’s (UQ) longstanding venue for medical students at the Mayne Medical School within the Royal Brisbane Women’s Hospital (RBWH) campus in Herston.

The lecture theatre provides the venue for the medical school’s premier academic event, The Errol Solomon Meyers Memorial Lecture, which brings a world-class orator to address the UQMS community.

As an historical building with significant ties to the medical school community, it was important that the result be one which they could embrace.

Exposing the historic timber framed dome, which was previously hidden from view, provides a unique insight to the building’s history whilst also offering sound diffusion that is vital to a successful theatre space. In addition to this, acoustic controls and absorptive panels were subtly integrated to ensure they didn’t detract from these architectural elements.

The result is a 150 seat, tiered lecture theatre that is enriched by its historical elements to enhance the experience of all who use or visit the space.