Phillips Smith Conwell

Brisbane Christian College – Performing Arts Building


David Harney Constructions




Salisbury QLD


Alanna McTiernan

After an increase in students wishing to pursue performing arts studies across music and drama, Brisbane Christian College invested in a dedicated performing arts building for their school campus. The result is a state-of-the-art facility which offers students the opportunity to develop their skills within a University standard acoustic facility.

The tiled, sculptural form is intentionally low maintenance, providing a striking street presence and a space within that enables students to further enhance their learning. Designed as an instrument from the inside out, the dual layered form allows reverberation between walls – a sound insulating treatment that ensures minimal impact on its suburban setting and recording quality.

With the school in close proximity to Griffith University, its brief was to blur the line between secondary school higher grades and higher education facilities.

The tiered lecture seating theatre features a fully sprung timber stage, and sophisticated low volume, low noise air conditioning so the recording standard isn’t interfered by background noise.